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Dr Hitchcock - Return To Cyberia
[Original Radio Mix]

Remember surfing the World Wide Web, downloading your first MP3, illegal warehouse raves, reaching for the lasers, Smart Drinks, Jolt Cola, and who could forget the brown acid... DON'T TOUCH THE BROWN ACID.

"Return To Cyberia" is a musical homage to Douglas Rushkoff's 1994 book "Cyberia, Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace". In it he pictured a psychedelically connected Earth via Rave culture, Gaia and The Internet. Today things look much different but we still might be able to...
Return to Cyberia.

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This song was written for the Isotonik Studios Delorean Dream Song Competition using synth patches from the Delorean Dream 2 sampler, speech synthesis and some percussive sounds from the Arturia MicroFreak as well as a rad little bassline from the Roland TB-03. 🤓